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Spread the Word

Help spread the truth about Inspirational Women in Technology (IWinTech) and the lost opportunities from misinformation. You can change a girl’s life with any of these simple suggestions.

Amplify and Share Our Microblogs

IWinTech has portrayed hundreds of diverse women on the popular social media platforms at these webpages.

If you find a featured woman inspirational, like the post and share it on your feed so others can discover it. Agree with her quoted thoughts? Comment and let the world and the algorithms know about her great ideas. The more people who view the posts, the more they can help.

Rinse and repeat by following @AnnyAllerton, @WolfORourc, or the @WinTechPage. They feature new posts almost every day.

Search the Archives

Want to go back to gather and share the wisdom of the hundreds of women featured on our microblogs? You can search any of the four platforms for the hashtag #IWinTech, but each has its own peculiarities. Here’s some tips.


Twitter never requires a sign in to read, but will only show you a few dozen of the latest posts. To go back further, click the three dots at the top of the search results, select Advanced search, enter “#IWinTech” for These hashtags, “AnnyAllerton” for From these accounts, and in the Dates section at the bottom select From and To dates. With #IWinTech, two months works best with Twitter’s post limits. Note that the platform doesn't sort the posts in exact chronological order.

You can search for a particular person of interest by name, but usually you first need to look up their Twitter handle starting with “@” as our post use it instead. Type their name into the search field and click the People tab above the results list.


Instagram creates a page for the hashtag. If you use a search engine to find “Instagram #IWinTech” you may be able to read many of the posts in reverse chronological order. After a number of pages Instagram may insist you log in, though. As the page contains all reposts, you may see the same image multiple times. Instagram doesn't offer an advanced search function.


Facebook’s algorithms make a hash out of long results lists. Search for “#IWinTech,” then under Search Results for on the left select Posts, then the criteria you want. Date Posted lets you go back by year. Unlike Twitter, Facebook’s fuzzy search will show shared posts and those with similar sounding words.


LinkedIn generally requires you to log in to view posts. Search for “#IWinTech,” then click the [Posts] button to limit the results. [All filters] lets you restrict the Date posted to the past month or Sort by “Top match.” Other than that, you have to scroll through the results to reach earlier posts.

Direct Message Someone

See a post that reminds you of a girl you know? Send her the quote or the link to let her know about the opportunities open to her in Tech. All platforms allow you to highlight text in the post to copy it. Twitter will let you right-click an image and save it. Facebook only lets you save images posted directly. If it opens a website from a link, you may be able to right-click the image on the site to save it.

If you click a Twitter post, you can copy its web address from the address bar of your browser. Use the search functions described above to find a particular post. On LinkedIn, click the three dots at the top right of the post and select Copy link to post.

On some platforms, if the recipient has an account, you can send the post directly. On Twitter click the [Share] button, then select Send via Direct Message. On LinkedIn click [Send]. Of course, you can always share a post and tag the intended with “@” and their username.

Share our Inspirational Women & Girls in Tech Book List

We maintain a list of books about and by Women in Tech on and Goodreads. The mix contains something for everyone, from non-fiction, novels, to comic books. Share the address to the whole list or recommend a particular book to a special someone.

Both websites have options to buy and send a book as a gift. If you click a link in our lists, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Recommend our Book List to Libraries

Recommend to your school or public libraries to stock books from and about Women in Technology, such as those on our Inspirational Women & Girls in Tech Book List above. CyberSpiracy and other books from our Cyberthriller Series are available in print through standard distribution and as eBook for libraries from OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, and BorrowBox.

Share Fun Girls-in-Tech Projects

A free selection of online comics and games featuring the adventures of a teenage girl with real Women in Tech. Teaching materials available in bulk upon request.

Rebel Girls (

Originating from an international best-selling children’s book, Rebel Girls amplifies stories of real-life, extraordinary women throughout history, geography, and fields of excellence.

Thrilling and fun stories featuring a pink-haired teenager in international adventures. Join our mailing list and receive Cowabunga’s first adventure as your free gift above or read sample chapters. And if you like the stories, why not let the world know by leaving reviews at the book vendor sites, BookBub, or Goodreads?

Gift CyberSpiracy

Introduce someone to Tech in a fun way with CyberSpiracy, available from major book vendors at Contact us for bulk purchases for schools or clubs.

Recommend IWinTech to Media

Know local or online bloggers, news outlets, podcasts, radio or TV programs that can inform about Women in Technology? Wolf is available for interviews on Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype and for speaking engagements. You can find his media information at

Sponsor a Micro Intern

Who better to offer advice and support in our microblogs than teenage interns who have experienced working for a male boss in a virtual Tech company? This summer we're beta testing a micro-internship program where high school girls from around the globe learn online content creation from text to video to generate posts for their peers. Your $250 contribution covers salary and materials for one intern. Contact us for details.